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Utah Newborn, Baby and Child Photographer – Holly Olsen Photography bio picture


Welcome to my photography website.  Come on in and take a look around.  I am located in Highland, Utah and love to photograph newborns, babies and children, as well as family portraits and weddings. 

My own children have inspired my love for capturing the everyday moments of our lives.  I want to capture images that you will treasure for years to come. 

I specialize in natural light, custom photography. Custom photography does cost more, but the results are well worth it.  The results are beautiful photographs that you will enjoy for the years to come.

Thanks for visiting,

miss chelsea
alpine utah newborn baby child & family photographer

What a doll little Miss Chelsea is! And this little girl is so loved. She is the first grandchild and is just adored by everyone in her family. It was so nice to meet her and her family. More to come!

Holly Olsen Photography

Christian Siebold Fotografie München + Frankfurt - Nice image(s)

Kari Wright - She is beautiful. I love the feather headband with her little puffs of hair.

Sylvia Borgo - Gah! What a squishy adorable one!

ashley - How absolutely beautiful, Holly! Such a precious image!

dsr - So beautiful!

Melissa Klein - What a beautiful photo! Gorgeous little thing, and I love her hair piece, too. :) Great job!

Megan - awww. She looks so tiny! love it.

Gail Montgomery - What a sweet precious baby!!! Gorgeous work Holly! I LOVE your newborn work!

amy - beautiful work holly!! and she's gorgeous!

kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Lovely! That headband is precious!

tabitha - AWWWW! So adorable!

Lila - What a beautiful baby!! your lighting is gorgeous. I can't wait to see more!

kristin - gorgeous shot! she's adorable!!!

Jaidean - So so precious! What a doll!

PamN - Timeless and perfect - wonderful image!

Liz - What a beautiful little girl!

Kimberly Marie - Awe, this is simply Adorable!!

Christie - Awwww, she is precious! Love the headband too!

sophie - Precious baby and shot, I can't wait to see the rest!

Jeni - How gorgeous, she's absolutely stunning and the color here is beautiful.

Clarice - She is adorable! Such a beautiful image!

Kathy Cline - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Of course, I could be a little biased being the grandma? Holly, you did a beautiful job with this!

Kara Layfield - Seriously gorgeous Holly!! I can't wait to see more!

Laura Morita-Yeun - what a sweetie!

three brothers
utah newborn baby child & family photographer

What can I say… aren’t these three handsome?

Holly Olsen Photography

Laura Morita-Yeun - Yes. These three are handsome. Darling shot.

Sylvia Borgo - What great smiles these guys have!

Kara Layfield - Gorgeous shot Holly!! I just love their smiles!

Kari Wright - What a bunch of cuties! Future heart breakers for sure!

Lila - They ARE handsome!! Love this shot!

Rhonda - that is one handsome bunch of boys! love the shot .. your color is amazing!

what to wear wednesday… spring
utah newborn baby and child photographer

I love these color combination! So perfect for spring! Love the pinks and browns together.

Holly Olsen Photography

Jackie - Oh I just love this combo.

Sylvia Borgo - How fashionable, Holly! I like the color combo!

she is so cute…
utah newborn baby and child photographer

that I just had to share more.

Holly Olsen Photography

Sylvia Borgo - Ohhhhh, she IS adorable! <3!

Gail Montgomery - Gorgeous work Holly! This little one is so precious and sweet! LOVE!

amy - beautiful holly!! that first one is so adorable my favorite!

Ashley - Oh so gorgeous! Beautiful work!

elizabeth sethi - She is simply dreamy! These are so beautiful, what an amazing session.

Kate Craft - She is so cute!! Great job on these, Mom and Dad must be over the moon.

Laura Morita-Yeun - OH MY GOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHH. These are gorgeous!

rose - these are so dreamy! LOVE!

Krissy Allori - Adorable! That second shot with the headband is divine.

Maria - LOVE, LOVE the second one, the ruffle bottom and beautiful lighting are perfect!

rebekah - gorgeous, gorgeous!

Danielle - So sweet!

Danielle - Absolutely adorable!

Cristina - What a DOLL! Her skin looks like porcelain. Beautiful tones and posing, such perfect newborn portraits.

Amy G. - What a beauty - love her hair! Wonderful job!

Kara Layfield - Precious...just precious! She has the prettiest little lips.

Andrea - Fantastic images... love the sweet girlish accents on that beautiful girl!

kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Oh what a precious little one! So sweet!

Melissa Klein - Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I really love that first one, and the diaper cover is adorable!

shey - Wow look at that adorable hair!!! What a beautiful baby and these images are stunning!!! Love that diaper cover!

jen p. - what a sweetie! first one is soo adorable!

sophie - Oh how precious! I really love #1! So sweet!

Jennifer B - These are so precious. You really have a talent for newborns. Gorgeous work!

Jen - I love the ruffled diaper cover. Gorgeous photos!

my fab photographer friends on monday
utah newborn baby and child photographer

I have some super talented photographer friends all around the country (and some around the world).  Over the next few weeks, I am going to feature them and their fabulous work.

This week you get to meet the fabulous Kate Craft from  Kate is from Northern Wisconsin and specializes in children and families.



10 Questions

About the image…

1.  Why do you love this image? The first one is just so fun to me I really enjoy capturing kids as they are.  The second one was from my favorite session of 2010.  I had envisioned this shot for awhile and it all came together perfectly, the light, the subject, the surroundings my vision came to be and I love those moments too.

2.  What were your settings with this image? 1/500 1.8 iso 400 and 1/750 2.8 iso 800 both were shot with my 50mm lens.

About Photography…

3.  What do you love about Photography? A lot! I love being able to capture a special moment in time… I love the challenge of catching that image that is “just you”, that sweet smile, belly laugh, or mischievous smirk.  I love that I get to meet new people and connect with old friends too.  I love knowing that I am producing something that a family will cherish.

4.  What type of Photography do you specialize in and why?
I do mostly children and family at this point. I think because I have young children and understand how fast they are growing and changing everyday. These moments are priceless. I am making the move into seniors market this spring. I have a few senior sessions under my belt and they have been so fun I love the clothes, the personalities, and mostly getting to be a small part of such a big accomplishment in their lives.

About your life?

5.  What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes? Well photography. :) I am a music junkie although I never learned how to play anything :(

6.  Who or what inspires you? Who or what doesn’t would be an easier question for me. I find true inspiration in passion, people who are passionate about what they do light a fire in me.

7.  Who are some of your favorite singers/bands? Dave Matthews band, kings of Leon, Weezer, Willie Nelson, Sublime, U2, Paolo Nutini, Pink, Matt Costa, Mason Jennings, Kate Nash, Johnny Lang, Jack Johnson, Hole …this list may go on forever so I will stop.  LOL

8.  What is your favorite movie of all time?
That is a tough one I would say either True Romance or the Crow

9.  What would your ideal day be like?
I would get to sleep in wake up to an ice cold Mt dew with out that feeling of this is a BADDDDDDD breakfast. Then have a fun shoot where all the planning comes together perfectly.  Perfect weather, perfect clothing choice, feeling inspired while shooting….. Then a great lunch at a delicious restaurant where my children are well behaved and I actually get to eat said meal LOL. Either a beach or movie kinda of afternoon with the family.  And an easy bedtime with the kids.  Follow that up with a bubble bath and a back massage and you have a perfect day:)

10.  If you weren’t a photographer, what other profession would you like to pursue?
I have no idea hahahaha

You can see more of Kate’s beautiful work here…


Next week, I’ll be featuring Jen Snyder of Jen Synder Photography in beautiful Hartford County, Maryland.

Holly Olsen Photography

Sylvia Borgo - I love looking at Kate's work! Thanks for featuring her!

Clarice - What a grea image! Kate is such a fab photographer!

Kate Craft - Thanks Holly:)

Fabiana Beatriz - Haha, I love the dusting of freckles across the little girl's nose! I especially love the leaf pile! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous shots!

Rachel - Beautiful and fun work! Thanks for sharing.

Liz - Love these images by Kate! Great post!

Laura Morita-Yeun - I love me some Kate Craft. These are fabulous!

Gail Montgomery - Great shots Kate! I love how you capture children in their element - awesome work!

Claire - Love Kate's images! Her work is beautiful!

Kari Wright - Those shots are great, Kate. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing Holly!

Kara Layfield - Great feature article Holly!! Kate's work is beautiful!

rose - What a great idea! Gorgeous images!

my little valentine
utah newborn baby and child photographer

All my kids have always loved these fortune tellers and she loved having a Valentine’s Day one to play with. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Utah baby child photography valentines day 001

Holly Olsen Photography

Anya Coleman - Lovely images!

Ashley - Oh so beuatiful! Just precious:)

dsr - What a beauty! I love the last one!

Melissa Stottmann - Love the idea of the folded "note" gorgeous! What a great model to have ;)

Rachel - She's beautiful.

sophie - She's beautiful! What gorgeous images - love the light and her sweet smile!

Kristin - The fortune teller brings back memories! I love these shots and your daughter is so beautiful!

Leah Jent - She is so beautiful! Lovely images!

Kate Craft - Love these. What a sweet valentines shoot

Jessica Washburn - Oh gosh, she's just adorable--love the fortune teller:).

natasha - Very cute!!! I remember those fortune teller things during my school years.

Kara Layfield - Oh my goodness she is adorable!! I love everything about this...really nice Holly!

baby bella
utah newborn baby and child photographer

Beautiful Bella, I don’t think I have ever had a more cooperative little model. She was a little older than I usually photograph but she was just perfect! And I got some meet from big sister, who is just as adorable as her baby sister!

Holly Olsen Photography

Gail Montgomery - Breathtaking! Simple and gorgeous!

Danielle Frank - So beautiful! LOVE it.

Monica - Oh my goodness!! This picture is adorable...I'm so excited to see the rest!! Thanks so much for coming to our home to capture such a precious moment!!

Kate Craft - So sweet.

Lina - Beauty!

Nicole Ridella - Oh! That is such a sweet and beautiful photo! Love her pretty little pout and those toes are just too cute! Beautiful Holly!

Tori Piercy - Awwww how absolutely precious!

natalie lawson - look at her hair! she is just beautiful!

Liz - How precious! Great session Holly!

Laura - How cute! Love those little toes peeking up! Adorable!

sophie - So sweet!! Love how peaceful baby looks!

Jessica Washburn - Aw, what a sweet little thing! Beautiful image:).

Brandi-lee - So adorable, love the squishy lips and those little toes poking out!

rose - So peaceful! Beautiful shot!

melissa - look at those tiny little toes! Beautiful job Holly!

Stacie - What a sweetheart!

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - Oh she is just a sweetie! Lovely portrait!

Clarice - Oh this is a beautiful shot. I love the little toes!

Ashleigh-faye - Those lips are just darling!!!!

Kara Layfield - Stunning Holly!! I just love those little toes!!

Yana - Precious! Love the cute little toes. Beautifully done!

Just a few more of baby Teagan
utah newborn baby and child photographer

I wanted to share just a few more of this little sweetie!

Holly Olsen newborn baby child Utah photography Teagan 014

Holly Olsen newborn baby child Utah photography Teagan 009

Holly Olsen newborn baby child Utah photography Teagan 007

Holly Olsen Photography

erin - OMG! That last shot is to die for! i love it.... your recent work is beautiful Holly - Utah is treating you well!!!

Kimmy - Love the colors. These are so darling!!

Gail Montgomery - Look at that little baby!!! So precious and sweet! Great work Holly - these are BEAUTIFUL!

Dawn Kitley - She looks so peaceful, great job Holly!

Krissy Allori - Sooooooo beautiful. Love them.

Rowena - These are just beautiful! And such a cute baby!

Clarice - She is so precious! I love the soft processing you did here. Great job!

Kate Craft - Lovely!!!

Nicole Ridella - Beautiful, beautiful work Holly! I especially love the last one - perfection!

natalie lawson - she looks so sweet and peaceful! GREAT JOB!

Liz - These are so lovely! Great session!

Laura - What a beautiful baby and session! Love the soft tones and feel of the first one especially. Lovely!

Kristin - Beautiful images Holly and such an adorable baby!

sophie - Such a sweetie! Love how soft and 'girly' these are! Great shots!

Deirdre - These are so soft, so beautiful - the family must be thrilled!

Brandi-lee - She's such a sweetie, I love the tones, the beautiful warmth in these!

desi - oh, what a cute little button! love the last one especially. well done

melissa - What a gorgeous little girl! I love the last one, colors are beautiful and those sweet little baby rolls! Perfection!

elizabeth sethi - She is such a precious little one! These are beautiful.

Rachel - These are so precious. What a sweet little babe.

Angela - Such beautiful captures! I love the feel of the third one, so soft and lovely!

Kara Layfield - Oh my goodness Holly! These are Seriously Beautiful! I'm really loving those neutral tones and your processing is beautiful. I want to see more!

Yana - What a beautiful little munchkin! Love the soft colors in #1.

Welcome to the world baby teagan
utah newborn baby and child photographer

Welcome to the world. Little Teagan was such a little sweetie. All of 14 days old and 6 pounds, she loved to be swaddled and that day, she loved her pacifier.

baby teagan utah newborn baby child photography 001

I found this adorable headband at Gardner Village.

Holly Olsen Photography

Kate Craft - Beautiful!!

Cathy Kirk - How cute! You have to be a proud Grandma

Carrie - Stunning!

Becca Wersland - holly- this is beautiful!! i adore the color palette, what a sweet sweet girl!

Susan Valenzuela - She's beautiful-'play group' reborn!

Claire - Love this image! She is such a beautiful baby! Great job capturing her!

dsr - What a doll! I love the quietness of this photo. Beautifully done!

Beira - What a cutie pie! Beautiful colors.

Lisa - Gorgeous!!!!

Kimberly Marie - So precious, LOVE it!

Krissy Allori - That is a stunning shot. Just beautiful.

Clarice - She gorgeous and what a fabulous shot!

Ashleigh-faye - So sweet. Great capture, love the color!

Jennifer B - She looks like such a sweet, peaceful little one. Gorgeous capture!

Melissa Stottmann - Aww! I love the headband, the wrap and how the colors worked with the blanket. She's perfect!

sophie - Aww, I love that sweet pose! Adorable!

Heather England - What a beautiful image! She looks so peaceful. The colors are perfect together.

queenbee - This captured Teagan perfectly! She loves her hands by her face and is most content all swaddled up! Beautiful and peaceful :)

Ramsey Garza - Love the colors. She is so beautiful. Congratulations to the new parents.

Lina - Such a doll, gorgeous!

Kara Layfield - GORGEOUS Holly!! Such a beautiful little girl...I just love the placement of her hands...precious!

Alexis - SO precious! I love the colors and the sweet calm sleepy face:)

what to wear wednesday
utah newborn and child photographer

A common question and concern is… what are we going to wear for our pictures? I like to suggest that you don’t go matchy-matchy but coordinate. Pick a color family and coordinate. Sometimes it helps to pick a sweater or top and build out from there. Also by shopping at one or two stores, they tend to carry clothes that coordinate together already so much of the work is done for you.

holly olsen photographer newborn baby family what to wear_jan2011

Holly Olsen Photography


Kate Craft - Love those colors

Kara Layfield - Looks amazing Holly!! I love those colors together!