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Utah Newborn, Baby and Child Photographer – Holly Olsen Photography bio picture


Welcome to my photography website.  Come on in and take a look around.  I am located in Highland, Utah and love to photograph newborns, babies and children, as well as family portraits and weddings. 

My own children have inspired my love for capturing the everyday moments of our lives.  I want to capture images that you will treasure for years to come. 

I specialize in natural light, custom photography. Custom photography does cost more, but the results are well worth it.  The results are beautiful photographs that you will enjoy for the years to come.

Thanks for visiting,

my muse
utah photographer

Jen - Yay! You posted! She looks so old in this picture! Beautiful :)

Kara Layfield - LOVE this Holly!! She's so beautiful!

a is for adorable
utah county newborn baby child & family photographer

What a sweet family of kids.  They were so fun to work with and knew just what to do!  I don’t think they come any cuter than this!

(I just adore this half smile)

Anya Coleman - Beautiful work Holly!

Kara Layfield - Um...gorgeous!!! Love how you use the light and your clarity is amazing!

so sweet
utah county newborn baby child & family photographer

I have always loved newborn yawns. So sweet!

Holly Olsen Photography

Deidra { Las Vegas Wedding Photographer } - OMG! Newborn yawns are the best. Take a cute puppy yawn and multiply it by 1000 = newborn yawns! Great shot!

Danielle Frank - Just adorable - great capture!

Kara Layfield - Definately sweet!!

early summer what to wear
utah county newborn baby child & family photographer

I love these what to wear guides. Love the colors!!! When picking clothing for family pictures, remember to have fun. Coordinate, don’t match.

Holly Olsen Photography

beautiful baby girl
utah county newborn baby child & family photographer

What an adorable baby!

Little Miss A was so sweet as are her two big sisters who wanted a few pictures of them with their new baby sister.

Holly Olsen Photography

I Love NY Wedding - Really fantastic image! So sweet Holly!

Leah Jent - She is oh-so-sweet. What a great image!

amy - beautiful holly!!

Kari Wright - Holly she is darling! Love that pose.

Kara Layfield - Beautiful Holly! Love her little pose...precious!

baby blues
salt lake utah newborn baby child & family photographer

Look at this little face… just adorable! This lucky little baby boy is just adored by two big brothers and a sweet big sister. He wasn’t too interested in sleeping for me so I just went with the flow and got lots of beautiful images of him showing off his baby blues!

Holly Olsen Photography

Kari Wright - He is too cute! What an expression!

Lina - Nothing like a fresh new baby, love the capture!

Kara Layfield - Oh my goodness he's adorable! Love all that hair and his eyes just sparkle! Well done Holly!

little darling
sandy utah newborn baby child & family photographer

I just had to share these two images!

I love this little smile. I didn’t have her posed completely as I wanted but when I saw that smile, I just had to capture it!

Holly Olsen Photography

Rhonda - sweet smile! and i love that first one .. she looks like a princess with her fur cape!

amy - oh my that smaile!!!! so adorable!


Kara Layfield - Oh my goodness she's precious!! the smile!

alpine utah newborn baby child & family photographer

Holly Olsen Photography

Dawn Kitley - Wow, Holly, these are just perfect. Beautiful work.

Lisa - You are the best newborn photographer. I love the peeling newborn skin in the first one.

Kara Layfield - Adorable Holly!! I love those little squishy cheeks in the first.

Kathy Cline - Adorable pictures! Love these!

content to be june
utah newborn baby child & family photographer

All of 15 days old, baby June was so content and happy. I don’t think that she let out a peep the entire time. I was also lucky enough to meet big sister and brother too and let me tell you… they are just as cute as baby June.

Holly Olsen Photography

Lacy - these are just darling. i love how they capture how peaceful she is...i can't wait to see more. proud to say i am her mama!

Kari Wright - These are beautiful Holly, great work!

Jaidean - Oh, she is beautiful! Love these!

katie - Lovely!! Love Baby June!

Kathleen - Oh Holly - those are so lovely!!!

Anya Coleman - Beautiful!Love it!

Dawn Kitley - So lovely, Holly! Fabulous job.

Amanda - Awww...what a sweet love bug! Love the softness and clarity to these photos!

Heather England - Gorgeous images! I can't choose a favorite as I love them all!

Lisa - Beautiful job, LOVE the black and white!

Lauren Kosier - You did an AMAZING JOB, This little girl is to DIE FOR! My BEAUTIFUL NEICE!! :) LOVE HER!!

Salina J - Gorgeous! Love the last one, especially, and I love her name!

Kimberly Marie - So adorable!! I just LOVE #2- perfection!

amy - what a beautiful baby!!! holly you did an amazing job!! gorgeous work!

Yana - These are adorable. She looks so peaceful, great job!

Katherine - These are just lovely! I especially love the black and white one.

Andrea - What a precious stunning little lady! Love how fresh and feminine these are!

Kara Layfield - Beautiful Holly!! I just love the last...her little lips are just too cute!

Lila - Wow, these are gorgeous! Your lighting and processing are just perfect! What a sweet little doll-baby!

Jennifer - Beautiful work! I love your color in the last one, but they're all lovely!

mollie - awww- love those lips. such precious captures

amy - OMGosh she's beautiful!! LOVE the b+w image- so sweet and the last one I love the colors and her sweet lips :)

Katie Lou - Aww. I love the last one!

Clarice - She's beautiful and you did such a great job capturing her!

(more) boys, boys, boys
utah newborn baby child & family photographer

I love how these turned out and couldn’t just keep them to myself. Three good looking boys who also are just as nice as they are handsome.

Holly Olsen Photography

Amanda - These are GORGEOUS! Wow. Love the color in them, and these boys are perfect.

natasha - Love them all. Love your black and white processing.

Anya Coleman - Love them all!

Evelyn - What cuties! Love the one in the doorway!!

Kari Wright - I can't help but smile when I look at these. These guys are gonna be heart breakers.

Salina J - Love these! Great, natural expressions.

shey - These are so beautiful!!! Love every one - you found the most beautiful lighting here and the colors and captures are perfect!

PamN - They have beautiful eyes, and you really brought that out!

Kathleen - They are handsome boys. Great shots, Holly.

Sylvia Borgo - Whoa! These boys are so adorable - so comfortable in front of the camera!

Melissa Klein - These are fantastic! Love your black and white conversions, too.

Susan - Gorgeous guys! Awesome smiles. The color and lighting in these is terrific! Your processing is wonderful as well.

kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Handsome guys there! Great portraits!

Krissy Allori - Really beautiful shots. Such clarity and great expressions!

Angela - Beautiful images!!! I love their smiles!

Amy - So handsome! I LOVE the b+ws....well done!

Maria - Oh the dimples! Such cute guys! Great captures!

Kara Layfield - Beautiful Holly!! I just love the location. Gorgeous models!